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If you want to paraglide, you must:

Полеты на параплане с инструктором

Tandem Paragliding in Moscow

If you would like to experience paragliding you should:

1. Call us by the phone number (or send sms) +7 (916) 993 49 63 one day before to book your flight with our instructor, during flight booking you will also be informed about weather conditions. Please, do not book in advance as we can not guarantee you that it would be possible to fly due to the weather conditions – we trust in forecast only 1-2 days before.


2. When calling you will be informed about possible day and time for your flight.

3. Please arrive to our flying field by the time of your flight, try not to be late.

4. We also offer you video of your flight.

5. If you  would like to present someone a tandem flight we can offer you a certificate for a flight. It is valid for 6 months after purchasing.

Tandem paragliding near Istra lake, Lechischevo from Maria Vikhlyaeva on Vimeo.

We are flying all year long, so please do not hesitate to contact us even in winter time!

How is tandem flying going on?

In Moscow unfortunately there are no mountains, no hills. But our wish to fly is so high and so many people dreaming about it, that we organized a winch to make our wishes come true. Paragliding winch is a special device that is made specially for paragliders and modern winches are very reliable and safe. You gain the height with a special line and then release and continue flying. With a winch we can get the height about 300-500 meters depending on the weather conditions and pilot’s skills.

When you arrive, one of our instuctors will give you a briefing, explaining all the main things you will have to do. We have English-speaking instructors  who will clarify you everything and will be flying with you. After we will put on you a harness, connect you to the pilot, prepare all the equipment and ... you are ready for the take-off!

You heart is beating fast, last doubts in you head…and..

… pilots tell you: “Lets’s go!” – you make few steps, hear rustling of a glider overheads and you are already flying. There is no more space for fear. You feel the wind, wathing everything on the ground getting smaller and smaller. You seat comfortably in the harness as if an armchair and enjoying.

As soon as you gain all the height that is possible in the current There is no more connection with the ground and now you are in a free fly!  If possible, the pilot finds thermals to stay longer in the air, so you could enjoy your flight much more.


When the flight is almost to finish, your pilot will tell you to prepare for the landing.  You will have to stand up in your harness (you will try that before the flight on the ground) to lend on your feet. First it feels very scary when you approach to the landing so fast, but 1 meter over the ground, the pilot stops the paraglider and it has no more speed, so the landing is unbelievably soft. You land on your feet and make few steps to avoid the paraglider falling on you. Браво! Мягкая посадка.

"Was it scary?” –your friends are asking. "No, not at all, that was…beautefull.. amazing…that is totally different from everything, that’s not a parashut, not a plane, that’s really great feeling!"

All equipment that we use is certified by EN. All our tandem-pilots have the licence and many years experience and thousands flight.

 Tandem paragliding. Paragliding school “Free Fly Team”. from Sergple on Vimeo.

Important information:

Paragliding is a form of aviation and it involves all the risks se we kindly ask you to understand and expect all our rules.  For your safety we could cancel the flight is we assess the risk too high. And please understand that this decision is no matter of discussion. During the flights, cancellations and delays are possible. Please do not be angry or upset and please understand that your safety is our major priority!  

You would like to present tandem paragliding to someone?

If you wish you can purchase a certificate for a tandem paragliding flight, which you could give as a present. The owner of the certificate can fly with us in any flyable day during a 6-month period.

Flying with us is safe. Your safety is our main priority and we do not save on it. We use only new certified equipment by the leading European companies. All the pilots have the license any thousands of hours airtime. We do everything to make your flight remarkable and unforgettable!



Полет на параплане с инструктором на Истре, в Лечищево from Maria Vikhlyaeva on Vimeo.


Flights with an instructor on a paraglider possible not only in summer but also in winter. See how unusual look flights in winter:




How is paragliding with an instructor?
After a short briefing, we help you to put on the harness itself (armchair, in which you will fly), prepare the glider for the flight, and ... Are you ready for take-off.
Heart rate increases, the last question .... The tension of the tow rope ...
Team pilot, "Come!" - A few quick steps, the rustle of rising above his head and wing .... You are already flying. The fear is over. Wind noise, view the receding earth and an amazing feeling - "not scary". You are seated comfortably in the harness and see the land, which has just been passed, from the height of bird flight.
Climb over - your pilot does a "cutaway" ...
The last thread that bound you to the ground, detached. You are in a free guy. If you're lucky, the pilot finds the upward flow of air, and then you will be able to soar, gaining altitude. If not - does not matter - the thrill of flying you get anyway.


And yet, how beautiful here!
And the flight is completed, you are already at the level of the treetops and the ground running fast on you. The pilot asks you to "get in the harness" - planting will be on their feet. Scary ... But at the height of 1-2 meters over the glider stops falling and slows down to almost zero. You get up on your feet and take a few steps forward.
Bravo! Soft landing.
"I was afraid?" Asks the friend. "No, it's great ... it's not like a parachute, does not look like a plane .... it - great!"
Paragliding - non-powered aircraft, and therefore the duration of the flight depends on updraft. If available, we will soar to 15 minutes, more newcomers is not recommended - you can not used to ukachat. And if you ask them to show you the pilot flying, then you will lose gain altitude and the flight will be shorter, but the resulting emotions and adrenaline will make it especially memorable.
Tandem (double wing) certified security standards in Europe (DHV, EN). Pilots on flights have great raid were training and passed exams.


Полет на параплане в тандеме. Летная школа Free Fly Team. from Sergple on Vimeo.


Important information for paragliding with an instructor:
Paragliding - a real flight, so we ask you to be sensitive to the requirements of security. For your safety, we reserve the right to refuse to flight operations without explanation. The decision to take off the glider pilot always takes the time ready to start. The refusal of the flight the pilot is not discussed. During the flights, delays and cancellation of flights due to meteorological conditions. In this case, do not worry! Your wait will be compensated from the magnificent flight of delight in good and safe working conditions!
You want to make a gift to your loved ones?
- Get a gift certificate from us and you will make an unusual gift is a holiday, regardless of the weather, and day of the week ...
For the flight would only need the desire and comfortable shoes.
Fly with us - safe and secure. Your safety - our top priority and we will not save on aviation security. For flight instructor using high quality certified paragliders and equipment manufacturer ProDesign Austrian and French OZONE - leading manufacturers of paragliders in the world, and your pilot is a professional flight instructor, who has hundreds of hours of flight training and passing on safety. In addition, the possibility of our towing complex (and we take off from the field, using the technology towing glider) safely gain 300-500 meters high, almost regardless of weather conditions. All this will make your flight more comfortable, tall and handsome.
Paragliding instructor and everyone can - and who all his life of flying metal, and the one who does not know what to do on the weekend in Moscow.
(Do not forget before departure call and find out whether there were flights today!)
You can also order a gift certificate delivered by our partners:
"Dream of Flying" - flights as a gift  http://www.mechtaletat.ru
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